How Much Does Touring Caravan Insurance Cost?

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How Much Does Touring Caravan Insurance Cost?


Getting insurance for your touring caravan is not a legal requirement but is good choice–especially if you are a new Caravanner. Before you go any further, check your car insurance policy to see what this actually covers. Most car insurers cover your caravan when it is attached to your car via the tow bar. However as soon as you unhitch your caravan, it is no longer covered by the car insurer. When the average cost of insuring your caravan is around £160 for the year, I would say it is well worth the peace of mind. I recently got two quotes on what it would cost to insure my new caravan, so I thought I’d just share the results here so you know what to expect.

Quote #1 from Simple caravan Insurance: £147 per year with a £100 excess. I didn’t check to see what their replacement plans were as they only replace old for new for caravans 5 years and younger. I’m not sure if anything happens to the caravan two years from now if they just give the value that the trailer costs that day, or if they give me the money to buy a new one.
Quote #2 from the caravan club (not a member): Depending on coverage, the Caravan club quoted between £163 and £326 per year. The quote that I’m going with is from simple caravan insurance and the final cost was £147 per year. What I didn’t do is contact the company which insures my car. Sometimes they give you a slight discount.

The Caravan I’m Insuring

Just so that you can get an idea of your expense for insurance, the Caravan I got the quotes from is a 2007 Baily Ranger 460/4. The price is a very reasonable £8000. Before you go ahead and get a quote, make sure you have this following information as this will affect the quote you receive:

• The model of caravan you have (mine is a ranger)
• The security provisions you have made (tracker, tow lock, wheel-clamp)
• Where the caravan is kept (do you have a seasonal pitch/ kept on your drive or in storage?)
• The value of the caravan contents
• Your home and or storage postcode
• Your age

How to Save Money on Your Caravan Insurance

The best way to save money, I found, is to get your quote for insurance online and NOT on the phone! When you call in to the insurance place to get a quote, they won’t go through all of the options with you so as to make it less complicated. If you get it online, you can customize your quote to just exactly the coverage you need and nothing more.
I got a quote for £215 from a reputable insurance company on the phone, but then I went online to look at the coverage, I found the insurance for a lot less for the coverages that I needed, and excluding other coverages that I didn’t need.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Insurance

Replacement Cost – You have the choice of getting the full replacement cost, or just the actual value of the caravan. In my opinion, it’s worth paying to get the full replacement cost, so if you wreck your caravan 3 years from now, you get a new caravan instead of the value of your depreciated trailer, however some companies do have an age limit for this type of cover.
Personal injury – I found that with some companies, this was actually very inexpensive to add to my policy to get £10,000 plus of coverage, so I added it. It was only slightly more to increase this amount.
Roadside assistance – This one’s up to you. For me, the quote for roadside assistance was about £30 more per year, however this could be included within your car breakdown cover so please check before you buy.
Coverage for personal affects – I think this one is extremely important. Awnings can be very pricey and they easily get damaged in high winds! Get your personal affects covered.

Companies to Consider/Where to Get a Quote

It’s certainly worth checking a few companies to see who gives the best prices for caravan insurance. Here are a few links to consider:
• Caravan Guard
• Simple Caravan Insurance this is the one I chose.
• E&L Insurance
• Park Home Assist Insurance Services
• Comfort insurance
• Shield Total Insurance
• Saga
• The Caravan Club
• The AA Caravan Insurance

My Choice of Insurance

I think I’m going to choose the insurance from Simple caravan insurance. This is a reputable company and some great reviews on the internet.
I hope this post helps you out and gives you something to consider for the future.

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